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P.A. 3 / S.O. 3.2 - N. 413


Civic energy future: sustainable Local Energy Communities

Project Summary

The overall objective of LEC is to contribute to improving energy efficiency and renewable energy usage through the development of a "local community of active energy consumers" (LEC) which cooperates with municipalities (public-private partnerships), by promoting the creation of sustainable municipalities models, based on local actions inspired by the change in the everyday behavior of citizens. The common aim is to educate local consumers to an energy saving behavior. The expected result is the adoption of a joint cross-border action plan for energy efficiency in 4 target areas (Tuzi, Tirana, Mirabello and Metropolitan City of Bari), which will be tested thanks to the implementation of 4 coordinate pilot projects and the active involvement of local communities.

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Total budget 717.904,35 EUR
EU Contribution IPA co-financing 85%
Duration 01.07.2020 - 31.12.2021

Main Outputs

-    Establishment of 4 sustainable local energy communities (LEC) 
-    1 Common plan for energy efficiency and sustainable energy production
-    4 LEC pilot projects

Project Partnership
Lead Partner
Opština Tuzi (ME) - Contacts: Amra Pepić, projects[at]tuzi.org.me
Project Partners
  1. Confindustria Bari e Barletta-Andria-Trani (IT)
  2. Comune di Mirabello (IT)
  3. Bashkia Tiranë (AL)