Local meeting in  Mirabello and Creation of LEC in Mirabello

21 February 2022
Local Meeting for the presentation of the Action Plan and the creation of LEC in Mirabello

A local meeting to present the Common Local Action Plan has been held in Mirabello Sannitico (Molise – Italy) on 21 February. The LEC project partner discussed with its local stakeholders the common guidelines present in the document and especially the local actions about the energy efficiency put in place by the Municipality and by its citizens. Besides, new planned actions have been discussed and proposed.

The meeting has been also the occasion to face with the local stakeholders the constitution of the renewable energy community "MIRACER". The Municipality, together with all the local actors involved in the initiative, signed the statute and the memorandum of association MIRACER, the first example of a renewable energy community in Molise region and the main output of the LEC project.

The LEC – Local Energy Community is a grouping of users who, through voluntary membership, collaborate with the aim of producing, consuming and managing energy through one or more local renewable energy plants. The ultimate goal of the communities is to self-produce and supply renewable energy at affordable prices to all members.

The MIRACER Energy Community interprets the indications of the European directive where it recommends the pro-activity of local authorities and their participation in energy communities together with citizens and local small and medium-sized enterprises, which have made available to the community the production of 'clean' electricity obtained from the photovoltaic systems on their company premises.

In fact, the availability of two photovoltaic systems recently connected to the roofs of these two companies, located in the artisan area of Mirabello, has allowed the Energy Community to be created, bringing together "private" users located in neighbouring areas and also a municipal building.


Angelo Miniello, Mayor of Municipality of Mirabello Sannitico

Adolfo Fabrizio Colagiovanni, Technical Director of GAL Molise Verso il 2000

Daniela Patrucco, Technical Expert of Energy4Com Società Cooperativa - Start Up Innovativa

Download the agenda of the event.